Links for Level 1 Culture Topics

Links for Level 1 Culture Topics

These links are provided to assist you in preparing for the Level 1 Deaf Culture competitive event.  They do not include information covered under the topic of grammar and language.

You may need to browse around on some of the websites provided to get all of the information you will need to know.  Be curious!

Be advised that the ASL competition planning committee is not affiliated with or responsible for the content on the links provided, or external links from those sites. Be wise.


Facts and Percentages

Origins of the first school for the deaf in America

Origins and establishment of Gallaudet University

The Milan Conference of 1880

The oralist movement in America

The 1988 “Deaf President Now” protest at Gallaudet University

NAD: National Association of the Deaf

NFSD: National Fraternal Society of the Deaf

Communication Technology for the Deaf

The evolution of captions


Links not available for following topics–see your teacher for information.

Cultural Norms

  • Terminology, ie: culturally appropriate reference for a person who is deaf.
  • Cross-cultural communication strategies.
  • Negotiating a signing environment.
  • Getting a person’s attention.
  • Name signs: types of name signs, and rules governing name signs.
  • Expectations: Information sharing when meeting a deaf person.
  • Expectations: Information sharing and leave-taking.
  • Culturally appropriate behavior to use when in the company of deaf people.

Grammar and Language

  • Role-shifting.
  • Non-manual behaviors used for yes/no questions and WH-word questions.
  • Establishing and using referents.
  • Non-manual behaviors used for indicating distance.
  • Number types: cardinal, ordinal, age, and time (minutes, hours).
  • Appropriate uses for fingerspelling.
  • Use of time signs, correct sentence structure with time signs.